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Polar Express


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Hi! I'm planning to some activities to go along with the story/movie "Polar Express". In the past I've done the PJ's, hot chocolate, silver bells, etc. and wondered if anyone had any other ideas? Thanks!!!


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We did this too!

The second graders at my school just had a "Polar Express" day. Here are just a few things I did:

To set the theme, I rearranged our classroom desks to look similar to the seats on a train, and I also used electrical tape and put train tracks on the floor in the classroom and also outside the classroom, connecting all of the other classrooms together.

As the students arrived, I was playing the music from the soundtrack.

The students came to school in pj's, slippers, and robes.

Throughout the day we did a few reproducibles that one of the teachers I work with got from the Houghton Mifflin web site.

When the children went to PE, I had them leave their robes in the classroom, and then I slipped a golden ticket in their robe pockets and then later on in the day punched it.

We watched the movie on a big projector screen (or you could use a smart board) so it felt like we were at the movies. During the movie, we had popcorn.

In the afternoon we drank hot chocolate with marshmallows.

We listened to the story on tape.

At the end of the day, I passed out silver bells on red ribbons for them to wear home around their necks.

And that's it, I hope a few of these ideas work for you. Have fun!


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Thank you for your inspiring ideas!

Wow, I am inspired! My team mates and I had a vague idea of what we were going to do with Polar Express this week. Thanks for your ideas. I just phoned one of my team mates and she's excited. We are a new team and it's been hard getting our act together as a lean mean planning machine. We have lots of potential...we are going to try to implement some of these idesas for this week. And we are excited about the possibilities for next year!


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Thanks for the great ideas! I'm eager to try these out with my class this year. I appreciate the sharing of ideas. Happy Holidays!!!