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Poll:Thanksgiving break

Miss C

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What days do y'all get off for Thanksgiving? We had a play morning this morning, and a big school-wide Thanksgiving dinner at 11:00 at which time the children were dismissed to eat dinner at school with their parents. We go back Monday. Happy Thanksgiving, everybuddy! I'm thankful for proteacher! What a great support group. :) :s)


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All week!

We're out all week! I'm getting kind of bored, but tomorrow things will get busy.


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We get Thursday and Friday. My district doesn't do half-days.

My mother-in-law in West Virginia gets the entire week since its the first week of hunting season (and there would be way too many kids out for the days to "count"). That's what she says anyway. :)



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We were supposed to be off tomorrow, but we have make-up days from Hurricane Katrina, so we have a 60% day tomorrow. Then off Thur. and Fri. I have several kids that won't be there tomorrow, so I'm just planning some fun things - Thanksgiving games, etc... Not much time for too many things anyway!


Chicago Teacher

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days off

I work in an alternative setting, so I only get Thursday off - but can use time off for Friday if I want.

My husband teaches 5th grade. They have parent teacher conferences Mon. and Tues. of this week with Wed-Fri off. So the kids are out all week, and he is off 3 days.


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Been out the whole week. The kids were out last Friday and we had PTC's. I have go so much done. We go back for 3 weeks then out for 2 full weeks for Christmas break.

Sue W.

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Teacher workday

We had full days Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday is a teacher workday. We have new report card going out next week. It's the first time its all been computerized. Even though there has been training, the teachers need time to work out the new system.


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days off

My students had all week off. Teachers attended a 2 day conference, and have the rest of the week off.
My HS age son has all week off this year at a different school.
It is nice to have a few extra days with all there is to do for the holiday, and so many people travel for this holiday too.
Happy Thanksgiving.:s)


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It's Sad to be a Canadian

We, unfortunately, already had our Thanksgiving back in October. We only get the one day off- the Monday, so that we have a three day weekend. I am happy to hear that you are all enjoying your time off and spending it with your families and friends. My nephew and sister have been living in Chicago for the last two years, so they will be celebrating in full force.

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! Save some pumpkin pie for me!