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For the day before thanksgiving break I would like to do some popcorn activities with my students. I have books to read but I was wondering if anyone has any worksheets to go along.

I would like to predict what would happend if you pop colored popcorn
or how much popcorn kernals can make .. anyone have anythign before I go through the process of making it.



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simple Ideas

I play a popcorn review. They all sit on the floor and pop up when they are ready to answer the question. Simple and silly but they liked it. We also made a popcornocopia. A cornocopia filled with popcorn. Decorated the cornucopia with Thanksgiving pictures. I make a popcorn page with book report questions inside. (author, illustrator, genre, important fact, beg/midd/end, problem, solution) Each kernel goes into a little ziploc and then they can share the report with a neighbor.


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I do a popcorn taste testing cheddar, butter, and caramel. We pick our favorite by taking a strip of paper: yellow if our favorite is butter, orange if the favorite is cheddar, and brown if caramel is the favorite. I designate three areas of the room and all the yellow goes to one area, orange to another, and brown to one section. They then make a paper chain with the like colors. I hang three chains from the ceilings and we can see what our class favorite was. It is fun. I buy the popcorn already done up (in the chip section) one bag of each. Sometimes the cheese is white so I just make white strips. I also do a math worksheet. I read Tomie de Paola’s The Popcorn Book – great book ! I could send you the math popcorn worksheets but you have to have appleworks or something that will open up apple works. Just let me know.


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A couple of things we do every year:

-- I Put bulletin board paper on the floor and sit an air popper in the middle. I tell the kiddos that I'll be popping the corn without a lid and ask them to predict how far it will fly. Each kiddo writes their name on the paper. I take the lid off the popper and let it fly. The kids always crack up and think this is the best thing ever. (be careful though, and DON'T let them sit around the popper! I had a kid get burned by a flying kernal one year!) When all the corn has popped out we check to see who got their name closest to a piece of popcorn. Then each kiddo measures to see how far away their name is from the nearest piece.

-- Read Popcorn by Frank Asch

-- Plant popcorn seeds in cups and watch them sprout

-- Like Javateacher, we try different kinds and graph our favorite. I draw a graph on poster paper and let them glue a piece of popcorn on their favorite kind. I usually do plain, buttery, and kettle corn.

-- We sometimes use unpopped corn to make mosaic type pictures that are really cute.

-- I love letting them help me make a little concoction called "Sugar Pop Snacks". We pop some plain corn and while it's still hot add in: melted butter, sugar, and cinnamon. Yum! Since the advent of "No Child's Big Behind" :rolleyes: I have to use splenda and promise fat free spread but it's still pretty tasty!