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popular heroes


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I'm teaching a unit on popular heroes to my ESL 4th graders and would like to include a Canadian. I've found some websites but don't know who to choose! can you help me find a really popular heroe, someone that is part of the culture and daily talk?


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Many Heroes

My students continue to talk about Terry Fox. He was an athletic teenager who was stricken with cancer in his leg. The leg had to be amputated. Terry decided to run across Canada on his artificial leg, to raise funds for cancer research, and began to train in secret. The students talked about his courage, determination, service and idealism. They made indepth connections to their own struggles and how friends/family members have dealt with cancer.

Unfortunately, Terry was unable to complete his run when cancer was discovered in his lungs. This is the sad part of the story. However, there has been a Terry Fox Run every September to remember Terry and his inspiration. Canadians (and many other countries) raise funds for cancer research. This September was the 25th anniversary of the run. Thousands of schools across Canada participated and raised millions of dollars.


If you are more interested in a hero that is still alive, I'll need to think a bit more.


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I thought about him as we all run in September but I wasn't quite sure how 'popular' he was with kids too.
Thanks again