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Postcard exchange?



I am wondering how long it takes to do a postcard exchange. It sounds like a lot of fun. I just don't know if it's too late to start in Feb. almost March? How do you go about doing one?

tatum in Massachusetts


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Postcard Exchange

Unfortunately the one I joined in the summer is still not complete. I have received about 18 cards only. I hope others have had a more "complete" experience. I'd say that it would only work in a shorter time period if everyone is absolutely committed.


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Postcards from Germany!

Place your address here and my third grade class in Germany will send you one. We are on an Army Post in Bamberg, Germany.

Send us one:
Mrs. Howell's Third Grade Class
USAG Bamberg
Unit 27535 Box 23417
APO AE 09139


M.E.S. Teach

I think it is a great idea to do a postcard exchange, but from my personal experience, I would start it earlier on. It depends on the age of your class, but to get it really organized and running smoothly, it is best to start at the beginning of the year. That way if there are some children who don't respond regularly, or there are any kinks, they can get worked out and everyone will be able to participate! Just from personal experience :)

Mrs. Hook

Third Grade Grizzlies

I am very excited about doing a postcard exchange this year as I've never done one! I know my students would love to get a postcard from new friends in Germany! You may write to us, if you'd like, at Mrs. Hook's 3rd Grade Grizzlies, Butte Vista Elementary School, 2195 Blevin Road, Yuba City, CA 95993. We will write back ASAP! Our school starts 8/21/06. My e-mail is shoo@ycusd.k12.ca.us. Thanks so much!

Mrs. Hook

EEK! I missed a "k" on my e-mail address. It is shook@ycusd.k12.ca.us. Sorry about that! Hopefully I teach better than I type :)