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Posting pictures on Remind or Bloomz

Educational Technology 


Junior Member
I'm trying to decide whether to use Remind or Bloomz this year. When posting pictures on either one, do you just post all pictures for all the parents to see, or is there some type of feature that lets you "tag" the kids in each picture? Thanks!


Senior Member

I post them on Remind - if I have a lot I use Pic Collage first, because I can only send 1 at a time. I can send to the whole class or a certain person.


Senior Member
I use the free version of Bloomz and post them all. The caption option is a paid option, which I haven't really looked into. Not sure about tagging. However, I've used Bloomz for a few years now and have found that parents (at least in my 3rd grade class) love looking at all the photos.