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Pre-intervention strategies


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I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a list of some common pre-intervention strategies that high school teachers could use before referring a kid to sped. I wanted to give something to my regular education teachers so they no longer have an excuse not to do it! Thanks!


Here's a Possibility for You

I am currently taking night courses for SPED credential. (I am an intern).

Two of my instructors have highly recommended this book:

Pre-Referral Intervention Manual. 3rd Edition
Stephen B. McCarney (author)
Hawthorne Education Services, Inc.

I recently ordered the book online and paid way too much for it (~84.00)

A woman in one of my classes just paid half that much. So do not pay what I paid.

I have not received the book yet.

I looked through it quickly. It did look like a very user-friendly book. One RSP teacher says that she makes copies for teachers all the time.


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here's one

The following are some intervention strategies that may be suggested by the Pupil Personnel Team to successfully maintain the student in their current educational setting:

A. Modify academic tasks to meet the needs of the specific student.
Examples may include:
v Individualize instruction
v Task analyze assignments and teach concepts in small steps that are manageable for the student
v Provide shorter problems or fewer assignments on a page
v Allow extra time for the student to complete tasks
v Read and explain directions so they are clear to the student
v Provide manipulative and concrete material
v Utilize visual and auditory aids
v Use a highlight marker to identify key words, phrases, or sentences
v Tape record material/tests for the student
v Teach the child organizational skills in a step by step manner
v Utilize high interest material which is meaningful to the student

B. Determine the student’s academic strengths and utilize them to address the student’s area of need.

C. Determine and utilize the student’s learning style (e.g. visual, auditory, tactile, multi-sensory, etc).

D. Design a behavior modification system or behavioral program, which meets the needs of the specific student. For example:
v Set up written contract for certain behaviors
v Utilize praise and positive attempts
v Schedule activities using the Premack Principle (alternate high priority activities with low priority activities)
v Utilize a token economy
v Ignore negative behavior, whenever possible
v Create a structured, predictable environment for the child which rewards accomplishments
v Establish clearly defined limits
v Utilize nonverbal cues to signal student
v Utilize proximity control
v Intervene early when any form of conflict occurs
v Utilize time-out
v Avoid confrontations with the student
v Reduce any sense of group competitiveness

E. Assign a classmate who can model appropriate behavior to serve as a buddy and/or peer tutor.

F. Modify the environment to meet the needs of the specific student.
Examples may include:
v Change student’s seat, possibly closer to the teacher, close to positive role models
v Minimize auditory and visual distractions
v Utilize headphones when appropriate

G. Consult with all current teachers, as well as former teachers, to determine extent and duration of difficulties currently being exhibited.

H. Conduct a parent conference to address concerns and/or to coordinate school and home programs.

I. Give the student some type of responsibility in the classroom, when appropriate.

J. Be sure that the student is aware of the teacher’s expectations.






The Pre-Referral Intervention Manual the first post listed is the gold standard in a lot of districts. It is one of the main references our pupil appraisal team uses. I ordered mine directly from Hawthorne.


Pre-Referral Manual

Yes! Order this manual through the publisher: Hawthorne Educational Services. You can find this publisher by a google.com search.

It is $44.00 ($4 is for shipping). Do NOT order through amazon.com.
I purchaed it for $84.92. Supposedly a book merchant was to send me the book. I ordered it Jan 25th and still not received it. I am contacting my credit card company to see if I can get this taking off my account.

Anyway............... it's a great source. Very user-friendly. Go to the publisher's site, find the manual, and you can view a few of its pages.
I don't think you will be disappointed.