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Pregnant...when/how to tell staff and class?



I was wondering if anyone had any advice about when or how to tell my co-workers about my pregnancy?...I am not quite through my first trimester...My principal knows already. When is it appropriate to share that with my young class? When I start showing?

Thanks in advance!


I am just now starting my 6th month of pregnancy and haven't told my first graders. However, I had 2 miscarriages--one at 11 weeks. I would wait until you are in your second trimester. I'm going to be telling my kids this week... I found out it was a girl so I am taking in pink cupcakes. Do something fun to tell them! Congratulations!



Thanks! Congrats to you to! I love the cupcake idea! Did you tell other staff members? I am at a small school and I worry that it would circulate to the parents and then to the kids...


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I waited until I heard my baby's heart beat at my 12 week check up. I found out in November I was pg and told my principal before Winter Break but waited to tell the kids.

I bought a book - Our Teacher's Having a Baby - and the kids really enjoyed that and then I told them I was like the teacher in the story (modeling a text to self connection! :D ) and they were so excited!

Some of my kiddos talk to my tummy every day when they come in now - it's so cute!



I am hoping to be pregnant soon. My plan is to tell principal first, but probably not until after 12 weeks. After that I plan to let coworkers know. I guess I don't have any concerns telling parents, but I'll let them hear it first from their children. I love the idea of the book that someone had posted.

Ok Katy


When I was pregnant, I told my principal first and she cried! We had tried for 2 years and she knew how special this was!
I waited until I was 12 weeks to tell my class.
We played Hangman on the board, we had played it before.
I wrote "My teacher is having a baby!" My kids were quite the group, you know, one of "those" classes!?!?! Once they guessed it, I said, "Well, what does that mean?" They said "The PE teacher is having a baby!" which she was! They were so sweet once they understood it was me! They wanted to help me alot!

Congrats on your pregnancy!


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pregnant with twins

I told my kids pretty early this time. I was really sick and had to start wearing maternity clothes in my 9th week. I told them about a week or so after I was wearing maternity clothes. I was afraid some of them might hear from their parents and the rest would be left out. At around 11 1/2 weeks we found out that our second baby was actually our second and third baby...we are having twins. I was very excited to come back and share this news with the kids. I think it also helps that I was able to reshedule some things in advance so that we could still do them...like a play, conferences, and fieldtrips.