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Mrs. DZ

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I just took a test and looks like I'm gonna be a mommy!!!! I am so excited. When did you tell coworkers and boss?


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I told my principal early on becasue I had such horrible morning sickness she would have figured it out sooner andy way. I told the others after I had my first sonogram and things were progressing well.

Marie from PA


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depends on if you are having a bit of morning sickness.

*you might tell your principal early on and swear her to secrecy until you're ready to tell other staff (around 3 months?)

*you might choose to tell 1-2 good friends in case you need their support

*MAKE SURE YOU INFORM YOUR HUSBAND ABOUT WHEN HE IS ALLOWED TO TELL OTHERS! i say this because in our city (smallish, but still a state capitol!) things get around quickly, and before i told my staff and students, he had told a customer at the restaurant who told someone who told their daughter (who was my student!) and it started getting passed around before i was ready to tell. the second time, we told our parents early on, but my husband's father didn't understand that it wasn't time for him to start sharing, and he told his many customers at the car dealership and it started getting around!

Illini Teacher

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Patience is a virtue or is it?

I have to say it really depends on a number of things. I personally did not tell anyone until almost the end of my first trimester. And then we only told our parents. We waited until the end of the first trimester to tell the rest of our family and then just let the word get out as we told and other told.

First, it is such exciting news!! I think you need to discuss with you husband what he would like to do as well.

Second, I personally waited because I had a few friends who had miscarriages near the end of their first trimesters. This is not something that you really want to be thinking about, trust me I know, but I didn't want to have the world knowing and then god forbid something happen, ya know?

Third, like previous posters said, if you have horrible morning sickness you probably should let someone know. I was lucky in that I taught middle school and was conviently sick during class changes! :)

Finally, despite what I say and anyone else, do what is right for you! If you want to tell everyone, then shout it from the roof tops! Congratulations! This is an exciting time. My little one turns one in 2 weeks and it seems like yesterday when I took my pregnancy test!


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Boss first

First, I am so excited for you! When will you be due? I am due on July 20th.

My advice on any situation has been tell your boss first. Even if you tell only your best school friend, stuff gets around. There is nothing worse than a boss who hears a rumor and has to wait to see when you are going to fill him/her in. Plus it really helps if you are sick or have to leave for appointments.

As far as the miscarriage thing goes... I had 2 and I told my boss when I found out I was pregnant. The support system was great. The prinicpal knew how I was feeling and gave me a great deal of slack for a while (turning in lesson plans, attending meetings, etc.).

Lots of hugs and prayers for you! Congratulations!!!


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I would try to delay the announcement until you are around 10-12 weeks if you can!!! I have such a big mouth that I told everyone ASAP when I found out about my 2nd child!

With my first child, I got pregnant unexpectedly (I was 36 though and engaged). I was kind of embarrassed and tried to keep it on the downlow. I was showing pretty quickly though. There was a baby boom and I was 12 of 13 babies born in 12 months at our school. I was outed by a newspaper article!


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First congratulations!! :s)
My coworkers knew right away because they knew I was trying.
I would go with the advice of the others.


I can relate!

I am currently pregnant with an unplanned pregnancy and am not yet married. Even though its in the future for my boyfriend and I, I'm really kind of embarrassed to let my principal and other co workers know. I'm also starting at a new school next week and this is all so much harder now! :(

Mrs. DZ

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me again

Most of my coworkers know that we were trying. They always ask for updates. I am currently 5 weeks along and due October 25. Looks like I will miss the 3 best school holidays. (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas) I'm sad I will miss that time with 'my kids' but am excited to share it with my own little one. I'm nervous to tell the boss. (male principal) I've heard rumors he may be leaving after this year...not sure how I feel about having to then tell a new principal....although it probably won't happen until next school year.

Anyway...I have my first appointment on March 14th....I'm looking forward to what's next.