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Preparing for Sub Teacher Interview



Hello, everyone! I am posting hoping someone will be able to give me some advice or tips for my first Sub Teacher Interview. I am excited about getting a call back and don't want to ruin my chances for a subbing experience. My interview will be this Thursday. Can anyone give me a heads up on what kind of questions to expect? I heard they'll most likely ask what I would do as far as discipline? What are possible answers to a question such as that? Hope someone can help! Thank you!

Mrs. Monica

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I'd try to find out what the school's procedure for discipline is, so you can make your plan around that for serious problems. For minor classroom disruptions, do your best to keep it in the classroom. Don't bother the office staff or other teachers for help unless it is truly necessary. They prefer subs who can handle everything themselves.

In my classrooms I like to stress the positive. Right after I take attendance, I introduce myself and go over the day with the students. I write the word *Superstars* on the board and explain what it means. I will add names under the word superstar for the students who; are on task, work quietly, listen when appropriate, raise their hand to speak, and act in a polite manner throughout the day. Their name can be erased also. At the end of the day, I usually give out pretty erasers, stickers or an extra classroom priviledge to those still on the list. :)

When someone is disruptive during the day, I first give a verbal warning to stop that behavior and tell them what they should be doing instead. Next they will get a "time-out" for 2-10 minutes depending on the age. Sitting away from the rest of the group anywhere in the room is usually an effective punishment in the elementary grades. If the disruption continues, I tell them they have a "time-out" from the game or extra recess that we will be having later. If minor disruptions still continue I make it clear that I will be leaving a detailed note to their regular teacher. The teacher has the ability to call the parents, lower the grade, and follow through with any other discipline they have in place. As a sub that's all I feel I have the power to do for minor problems.

If a child becomes physically threatening toward themselves or others, I would not hesitate to call for help from the office or another teacher!

Hope that's helpful. They probably just want to know that you have some ideas for handling most situations on your own. :D


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I think if you take the time to look at the old forum you will find many threads that will more than answer your question.


sub interview

Wow! Things must be different where you are. At my interview I wasn't asked a single question about teaching experience, discipline, anything. They asked me why I wanted to be a sub, I can't even remember any sub related questions! Mainly the woman, a small stylish suburban type, was asking me why I had given up my old job where I commuted from NJ to NYC. She said she would have kept it, so she could go shopping! LOL! Obviously she had no idea - it was all I could do to get in and out of the city and get my work done there. Who had the time for SHOPPING!

I would think if you answer all the questions honestly and respectably, you will do fine. Is there a lot of competition for sub jobs there? Here we have to have all the paperwork with the background checks in before we set up our interview.

Good luck! Although you may be done by now.


sub interview

They did ask for 3 adjectives to describe yourself. Of course anything that relates or is important to teaching is good. I wouldn't worry about the interview though, unless you have heard that there are many that do not get selected. Our district usually needs all they can get. And interviewing is just a way of making sure they don't hire a "crazy" person. It's unfortunate, but here I have seen a lot of subs who probably should not be subbing, and must just be in it for some extra money.


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sub specific questions

The questions from my interview that I remember were very specific to being a sub. For example, what would you do if you walked into the room and couldn't find the sub plans? Or - a parent tries talking to you about a child from the class you subbed in. How would you handle it? What is your plan for when all work is completed and the teacher hasn't left anything else? I remember it was pretty low key. Good luck.

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You might try

I didn't have to interview for my sub job because there is a shortage of good subs here. But I suspect it's like others have said, that the questions they ask will relate to substitute teaching. The other posters have given you a lot of good suggestions, but thought I would add a couple.

As a sub, I find that it is helpful to learn the names of all of the children as soon as possible. Name tags can be helpful if you are not good at names. I also try to follow along with the way the regular teacher disciplines the class as much as possible. Often the teacher will leave notes about what she does, or you can sometimes ask the class.

Also, you need to make sure you have a way to get the class's attention. I might ask them how their teacher does this. Often, several students will raise their hands and show me the sign the teacher uses to get them to be quiet and pay attention. If they can't clue you in, you can use a trick of your own, like the hand clapping trick. "If you can hear me, clap x number of times."