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Preschoolers Visit K



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We are a Preschool to Grade 1 school. Do you have preschoolers visit your K classroom? What do you do?
In two weeks, we will have a 5-9 preschoolers visit for about 20 minutes so they can see what kindergarten is like. This is our first year doing it. We expanded the preschool program several years ago, but Covid happened so we couldn’t do the visits. We still can’t sit on the carpet as a whole group for a read aloud.
We were thinking of singing a song, doing a name activity (dilly dots markers), a counting activity and have some of our K students read a book to them. Trying to bridge what they do in preschool to what they will do beginning of year in K.
Any ideas? It is only 20 minutes. We will have one group visit us one day. Then a different group the next day,


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K visit

20 minutes goes by quickly. Maybe you can assign your kids to a pre-K buddy and have them give them a tour of the room before reading them a book. The other activities sound perfect. I’d end with the song to gather them all together. Have fun!


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Oh my - I got stuck on the fact that you still can't sit on the carpet! Wow!

I love the idea of having your kids read to them. What a great way to show that they will become readers in kindergarten!


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I would do a little mini-lesson with a read aloud and a paper. Pair up a kindergartener with a pre-Ker to work together.

I think 20 minutes would not be enough time for all of that.

As for the carpet, we weren't allowed to do carpet for most of the year, and by the time we were allowed to, I just didn't. We were already settled.