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present for Dad



I'm trying to think early what would be a good Christmas present for my dad. He is absolutely impossible to shop for. He doesn't like many things. For several years now I have gotten him a Home Depot gift card, but I hate getting him the same thing year after year, and would prefer something more personal and something I know he'd like. My dad doesn't have a whole lot of interests. He likes doing projects and building things which is why he shops at Home Depot, and then he likes camping. He has a dog and likes dogs. He's always been interested in family geneology(our ancestors come from Irealand). My dad is a very blue-collar kind of guy so I know he would not like clothes or cologne. He never reads, so he wouldn't like any kind of book. Does anyone have any ideas for Dad gifts for Christmas? What do you get your dad, husband, or other men in your life for Christmas? I really think men are the hardest to shop for. My mom and stepmom are so easy to shop for. They are both different people but they both like things like earings, perfume, candles, and my dad is just the hardest person on the face of the earth to buy for. Any suggestions?


Same Here

I agree that dads and stepdads are impossible to shop for! My stepdad is similar to your dad. He doesn't have a lot of hobbies or interests besides fixing things here and there. He likes to fish and hunt, but I wouldn't have a clue as to what he would like.

I'm like you...mine gets the giftcard every year. I don't think you can go wrong with them. It's to a shop the like, and they can pick out what they want. I enjoy getting giftcards too.

I don't really have an ideas for you, but if you don't come up with any ideas between now and Christmas, I'm sure your dad will continue to like a giftcard from Home Depot!



I wonder if you could find some sort of album for recording family history. You could always make your own!

mary 283

time is priceless

How about some time with his daughter? Give him a gift certificate for a day with his daughter. You can take him to breakfast or a nice brunch, then spend the day with him doing guy stuff. This might also include a trip to Home Depot with a gift cert. In fact, you could have him help you pick out something you need for your own home. It would make him feel like he is helping you. Bring a camera with you and take photos as the day goes on. Make a little memory book after your special day together for a keepsake. He will like spending the day with his daughter and you will cherish it forever. I sure wish I still had my dad so I could give a great gift like this!


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car wash

A friend suggested this to me last year and it went over very well. Buy him the gift of a clean car - you can get gift certificates to a carwash that hand washes the outside & details the inside.


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Does he drink? You could get him a subscription to a beer-of-the-month club, if he does. Just search on the internet, and you'll find one for sure. Or even a barbeque sauce-of the month club, or something along those lines. It's fun to get gifts in the mail for several months after the holiday.

For women, my favorites are wine-of-the-month, and Yankee candle does candle-of-the-month.


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Does the campsites he goes to sell Gift Certificates?
I know our state parks do offer them. :)
Then he could use them to camp.



Or tickets to a concert of a band or group he likes.....Oakridge Boys? Neil Diamond? Alan Jackson? Look at his CDs.