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Primary Black History Program


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I am looking for an easy and short poem, song, skit or something for my 2nd graders to perform for our Black History program. We are only alotted 5 minutes on stage and I would like to do something "light" if possible.
Any suggestions will be appreciated!


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Martins Big Words

The last year I taught 1st/2nd grade in Chicago, I was responsible for coming up with something for my class to do for a Black History program. We had the book "Martin's Big Words" in our classroom library and our kids really enjoyed it. It's basically a very short version of the key events in the life of Martin Luther King Jr., but also includes some historical info like segregation of public facilities and the bus boycotts.

This will be hard to describe without having the book, but basically I was the narrator and each student had a cue and would come out to say one line that was attributed to MLK Jr. They also "acted out" the events that were being narrated. The book also includes a part of the "I have a dream" speech.

We added some meaning/symbolism in to the skit too. At the beginning of the book, MLK (as a child) is asking his mom about "White Only" signs. We made signs and had them all over the stage (1 per child), so after each child said their part, they took down a sign and held it at the back of the stage. As each child went, they took a sign and lined up along the back. Then at the end of the story it has a quote from MLK that has to do with dignity for all people, etc. And at that point, all the kids tore their signs in half and threw them, then held hands above their heads to show their unity.

It was not a "light" presentation, but was meaningful for the kids and families. Quite a few of the parents cried.

The only real cost would be for the book, but it is definitely a great addition to your classroom library too.


H. Atkins

Second grade teacher, LA

I am online searching for suggestions for the same question.

I do have a January 1992, Vol. 48, NO 4, Schlastic News magazine,
maybe Scholastic News will send you a copy.