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Printable lesson plan template


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Does anyone have a printable lesson plan template that you can type in the weekly lesson plans? I have been searching but cannot find anything that fits for kindergarten. Thanks for the help...


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I posted a sample a little while back, scroll down to the post titled "Getting with the times" by Judy. You will find it there. Let me know if you have any problems.

Sharon D. W.

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Make a template for...

each of the days you teach. I work on a 6 day cycle so I have one sheet double sided for each day with the things that I need and space to add things when I'm planning. These also can be changed over time throughout the school year. I save one blank master for each day of the 6 day cycle and then I can save it by date if I need to have it on the computer. I usually just print them out and make a few copies at a time as I need them. I usually also just add in pen/pencil and date them and hole punch them to use in a binder instead of a traditional plan book. I can go in and update my master any time I need.



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I have one

I have one our Kindergarten teachers use but it is in Excel and I can't post it. If you are interested please send me your email and I will forward. It is setup so you type into it then print out and it fits right into a standard lesson plan book.