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I just love this website! Everyone is so helpful! I have a huge dilema. I have a big kindergarten class and every week we have a letter of the week. We print the letter about three times a week. I have a difficult time helping the whole class at the same time with their printing. I have so many areas I need to teach and it is hard to find time to work with my class one on one. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

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How about small white boards and dry erase markers. You can sit them on the carpet facing your big white board and demonstrate. You can buy a sheet of white board at Home Depot and have them cut it for you into small ones. It costs about $10 or so. Use black felt pieces or old socks for erasers.


Then don't

I try to focus on five kids a day. Have them practice writing it in the air with you. Have them write it on the back of their hand with their finger. Have five kids write the letter on the board as the other kids make it in their air. Help five kids a day write the letter on paper. Make sure that you have dot letters for the other kids to trace as you work with the five. They will eventually get it!!!


Handwriting Tubs

I use dishtubs. We sit in a circle on the carpet and each pair of students have a dishtub. We use Handwriting Without Tears Program which is very maniplative. I am sure they have a website if you "google" them.
First we use the wood pieces to form the letters (these make 8 1/2 x 11 size letters). Then we use Poor Teacher Whiteboards (Page protectors with a sheet of paper inside: I also store a dry erase marker and a tissue for erasing in the page protector) to write the letter.
The second day we use small chalk boards and sponges. The students form the letters the same way they did with the sticks using a sponge on a small chalkboard. Then they trace the letter with a paper towel to dry. The back side of the poor teacher white board has gray squares paper (another component of Handwriting Without Tears) for the student to practice forming the letters.
The third day we have an independent practice sheet. The circle and manipulatives help me to get a quick veiw of which children are forming the letters correctly and which need a little extra help.



create homework with sheets from this site - volunteers can also work with this sheet because detailed directions are there