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pRIVATE SCHOOL..... A Social Promotion Deal??



Hello teachers,

I do not mean to insult anyone. But, this is my first year in a public school and I am being forced to give students grades. Some of these students can not read or write and I mean upper grade students. The principal continues to remain me no students no pay check. So, I am to kiss but and whatever the parents say do it. ONe parent comes every singlel day to try and upset me about the way I am teaching her child who can not read and she wants to know taught enough years to qualifying me saying her child can not READ!!! The children's level of comprehension are extremely low. I called a go friend of mine and she said just give them a grade. But, I can't do this. I have two boys and if some teacher just gave them a grade and later on in life they could not get a decent job - I would not know what to do. But, in most of these parents are not concern about their child reading grades but only if their child will be on the Principal list or Honor Roll.
Parents are telling the principal that they will move their child if the grades do not go up within the next 6 weeks. So, what am I do but quit.

Feeling helpless

Teacher 2

I am sorry I mean I am teaching in a private school

Feeling Helpless


give grades

I too work at a private school where a lot of pressure is put on us to give grades because, "No students, no paycheck." However, I stick to my guns and give the grades the students deserve. I have had children fail the school year and by the next school year they were promoted by the principal to the next level. There is NOTHING you can do about it except 1.) go with it and give out grades 2.) let your principal know you will not hand out grades and risk being fired or 3.)quit. Fortunatley, our principals have not fired us for not "giving them a break" but if you give in and give grades you will probably feel bad about it and in this day and age the parents or students could try to sue for not providing a proper education if they cannot make it in college or the workplace. We live in a sue happy world. Do what YOU know is best for your students. They need teachers like you to make them accountable in this world. Good luck and make them EARN their grades! :)


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Not all are like this

If you're not comfortable having to "give grades," look for a job at another school. Not all private schools are like that, and I wouldn't be able to work there under those conditions.


felt the same way

I taught in a private school my first few years of teaching. Yes, parents only wanted to see "grades". That was most important. It didn't really matter what the child could actually do. And because they are paying....


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Is your school accredited? Schools that have to meet standards to keep their accreditation are stricter with grades. Many are much more stringent than the public schools.:)


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Private school blues

I've been there and done that. I left a private school many years ago because the principal passed students who failed my English all 4 grading periods. Somehow she made 60+60+65+60=70 She totally over ruled the graded evidence to appease the parents. I subbed for many years after that. My public school principals always backed up my grades because I could prove it all. If parents want to delude themselves they will, and if your principal goes with the parents are always right, cover yourself when the parents' bubble bursts later. They'll sue the school and all the teachers for humoring when the child is illiterate later.


Stick to your guns

I teach two fifth grade science classes in a private school (in addition to two 6th grade science classes and an 8th grade science class). Right now I have 50% of each class FAILING science because they fail to turn in assignments, do poorly on tests, and just plain CAN'T READ! The school principal has backed me up and told me don't do anything to inflate their grades. I am to let them fail on their own and give the parents a wake up call. She has photocopied the test papers that show absolutely NO reading comprehension skills at all, take home open book tests that were returned completely blank, etc. to show parents when they complain.