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private school subbing



I have been thinking about subbing in private schools. The school district in my area is way too big to sub in and my schedule doesn't allow me to be a teacher's aide. I live in a major city and there's no way I could find all those schools. I'm currently in college so subbing would be good experience for me. I have three days a week that I'm not in classes.
Anyway, so I thought about subbing at private schools. There's a couple of private preschool and kindergartens in my area that advertise on their website for subsitute teachers. I'm wondering if I should apply. The schools are private so they don't have a whole lot of students, so I wonder if I would even get called to sub. Maybe I could just submit my application and hope that a part-time preschool teaching job opens up.


I work in a private school and we are always looking for subs! We may not need them that often, but when we do, it is often very hard to find someone because our list is so short. It doesn't hurt to go ahead and apply, but look for other opportunities as well in the meantime.