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Professional Development


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My principal is urging us to use some of the days we have for professional development, but isn't providing any information as to conferences or workshops. I'm in the NW Indiana/Chicago area. If anyone knows of any websites that I can find some info on, or you know of something specific going on, please let me know. Thanks!!


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Check out Bureau of Educational Research. I think they are BER.org

Every workshop I go to is awesome. I'm in Mass, but they go all over, I think.


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Other options

I'm in central Indiana , and while we don't have a lot of $$ for professional development, we do have a regular schedule. Recently our whole second grade team went to a free two day conference put on my DOE. Like a lot of conferences, some of the information was so-so, but they all came back with some great ideas and some free material. You can also use your professional development days I think for visitations. Is there a school near you that is doing something you would like more info on or would like to see what they're doing first hand? Our principal is arranging for our first grade team and the Title I staff to visit a school in Richmond in the spring.
I get flyers from Otter Creek quite often, as well as BER. You might also want to check out SDE. Crystal Springs has a lot of pressional videos that might be of interest, if there was a topic several of you were interested in.
Is your principal wanting you to do this as a building? We have 6 half days that we use for professional development. A lot of our PD is handled in-house. I have led those days in the area of writers workshop, guided reading, and vocabulary development recently. Others from my building have led math and technology in-services. We have also done book studies, although those were done during the summer.
Finally, you might check with colleges/universities. We have had people from area colleges come in and do a hands-on math workshop that was good.

Hope this gives you a start.