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Professional Learning Communities

Sharon D. W.

Full Member
Hello all. Today my school's Leadership Team met to discuss "Professional Learning Communities".

I was in and out of the meeting as I had a crazy time after school:
- missing student (We finally found him at a friend's house) :)
- another child's grandmother popping in
- another teacher from another school contating me about an old student of mine who is now her student

I was so caught up in all this I almost missed the meeting. I got there about 30 minutes late.

Anyways... What do you "know" about Professional Learning Communities? How has your school/district used them? What resources are out there regarding Professional Learning Communities?

Thanks in advance.



PLC's are great

We've been using PLC's at my school for over a year and they are fantastic! Try the book Making Classroom Assessment Work by Anne Davies. PLC's enabled our grade team to really look at our writing program and increase student learning in that area.