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progress reports

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We do four progress reports, as well as four report cards, each year. Our report cards are standards-based, and our progress reports basically address behavior and overall learning skills (follows directions, completes assignments, test performance, use of school time, etc.).

I'm trying to figure out better wording for our progress reports. Right now, we grade based on exemplary, proficient, developing, and emerging, but I don't think the definitions are clear enough (especially between exemplary and proficient). Since our progress reports are not based on standards, I can't just say "meets the standard" and "exceeds the standard".

Any thoughts?



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How about

meeting expectations vs. exceeding expectations?

I agree it is hard to exceed expectations for social and work habits. You either follow directions or you don't. Not sure how you can exceed with that.

good luck!


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I agree with exceeding or meeting expectations.

When I taught, we did Exceeding, Meeting, Approaching and Emerging for academic things. But for things like behavior or work habits, it was Outstanding, Satisfactory and Needs Improvement.

There were some things that I simply told parents outright did not have an ability to have "exceeding" expectations. If I had to give homework completion a score, doing it every night was Meeting expectations (we marked on completion, not accuracy for hw). For the most part, kids and parents understood that some things simply didn't allow for exceeding expectations.