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Promethean Interactive White Boards


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Any one have them? How much do you use them? How "interactive" are they or can you do most of it with a computer and projector? i teach 3rd and am wondering how much i could use one. thanks!


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Our 5th grade math teacher says she doesn't think she could teach without it any more. She loves it and the kids do too. She is able to hold the kid's attention much better. My son says he loves it.


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I have a SMARTboard which is similar. I love love love mine. I use it all day every day. I couldn't teach without it now. The kids love it. It's great!!:)

School Time

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I also have a Smartboard in my classroom. I love it! There are so many things you can do with them. There are many things on the internet already made for you. My social studeis and math books have e-books so I can put the textbook pages on teh Smartboard and make them interactive. I have a student teacher now and she doesn't use it much. I know I will use it more when she leaves.


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show her

Please model more lessons for your student teacher. Your room may be her only access to Smartboards.

I wish I had one!!!

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She's dong most of the teaching now

She is doing most of the teaching now. I have demonstrated, she attended in-service with me, and I have found some activities for her to use. I showed her how to look them up on the internet. I will be doing a couple of days of math next week so I will demonstrate again.


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Have one..

...I just got a Promethean board and absolutely LOVE it!!!! All of the teachers got one after having to share them so we are all used to using it and now we all have one.

Definitely check out www.prometheanplanet.com where it will show you resources to use like flipcharts for all types of subjects. Also, there are voting devices for Promethean boards called Activotes where your students can hold this electronic device and vote on things you are teaching or assess them and see if they understand. For example, I am just finishing up a unit on graphing, so my students were able to vote on their favorite Thanksgiving food and then we put it into a bar graph. Then they were able to answer questions about graphing so I could determine if they understood it or not.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I definitely sing the praises of Promethean boards to whomever will listen!<!--sing-->