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PTO appreciation gifts


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Our PTO has gone above and beyond this year, and we are looking for something to say we appreciate all they have done for us. Any ideas?



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how many?

How many people are you talking about? What about a nice breakfast? Have it all set up before school starts, and they can snack and chat after you're all in your classrooms. Just have people bring items like bagels/cream cheese, fruit trays, muffins, egg/sausage casserole, juice, coffee with flavored creamers, etc...


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Just wondering...

what types of things they have done this year. Our PTO is always looking for new ideas as to what they can do for the school/teachers. Sounds like your school has had a wonderful experience with this organization:). Thanks!


student made booklets

My school had a volunteer brunch w/ the administrators in our school's library. This was held during a school day, so teachers dropped in when/if they could. Beforehand, each class was assigned an individual volunteer and we prepared a booklet for them. They were really cute (all unique), laminated and with student pictures, poems, letters, etc. The booklets personally thanked the volunteers for their contributions. At the brunch, one page of each booklet was read aloud to share with the group.