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Question about Aesop


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I read the earlier posts about Aesop as we use Aseop also.
Here's my question: If you sub more in one area, say High School, will the system then only show High School jobs? I subbed a very long time in elementary and saw tons of elem. posts. Then I was requested by a high school teacher for several days and now all I see are HS or MS posts. Would the system do this? Is it that "smart"? or would there be someone monitoring it? Just wondering...(my mind wonders way too much)


I've had similar wonderings...

That's an interesting question, but I don't really have an answer! I use Aesop, too, and I have noticed that when I accept a couple of jobs close together (like two in one week) at one school, it seems to show me more jobs at that school than any other - but that could just be my imagination, too.

You could try a little experiment to try and figure out if what you wondered about in your post is actually happening: Uncheck all of the HS's and MS's in your "preferred schools" so that all you have checked are the elementaries. Then, log on at a time when you have previously seen lots of jobs come through - like at 5:00 a.m. or right after school lets out - then watch it for an hour or so and see if it shows you anything for elementary.

I think in my district it is too difficult to figure out what is "really" going on with this system - because there are over two dozen elementaries and many more subs than they need. I only sub elementary, and there are some schools I have never even seen jobs listed for, even though I have every school checked in my "preferred" list. Also, very rarely is there more than one elementary job listed at a time here - and those are usually only up for about a minute before they are taken by someone!

I guess you could always call the sub coordinator and ask her that question - although you *may not* get a straight answer!



I don't think that Aesop is that smart. Based on what I have seen of Aesop beyond what subs typically see the system does not impress me as being very sophisticated.

I do know that Aesop runs on windows servers (hence the Sat. AM reboots) that pull information from an Oracle database.

You could always google the two patent numbers at the bottom of the aesop web page.