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Question about pay


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I've been subbing at the same school since September 2005, and it's been great. I've been thinking about teaching full time next year (I'm working toward the elementary ed. certificate), but I also want to see what it will be like if I substitute only. I mean, without ANY other income. I currently have enough savings to pave over, and my car is paid for. Does anyone work solely as a substitute teacher? Would it be financially wise to try this long term?


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In my district, Yonkers NY, we start off making $108 a day, but after subbing 75 days in the same position the sub will go under contract, and get the same salary as a regular teacher with benefits.



What state are you in? I'm in PA and with the low pay, I average $77.00/day and the high cost of fuel there is no way that I would want to sub long term as in a career. In years pervious I used to save about 100.00/week so that I could coast through summer - basically not work and focus on finding a fulltime teaching position, a vacation is out of the question. This year I'm searching for a fulltime summer job. I found one that pays 100.00/day cleaning up after people move. But like subbing it's day to day.

My take is that it would be very foolish to try and do this. Granted you have some moeny saved and your car is paid for. But what if you have medical problems or your car needs repaired or replaced?



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I can't see how anyone could even consider making subbing a long-term career choice. The pay is too low, the benefits are nil, except for the opportunity to contribute to a retirement fund, and of course my all-time favorite - complete lack of respect from everyone at the schools. Besides that, it's great to get some much needed classroom experience.


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I would never consider substitute teaching as a perm. career choice. The regular teachers seem to have it so much easier compared to what we do. This is my last year as a sub.


to sub only

I only sub at one school and I am the unofficial "main" sub for that school. I have worked hard to get most of my jobs by request. I do work 3-5 days per week. At $64 (or is it $68) a day, I will only earn about $5,000 per school year.

I would not recommend substituting if you are depending on the income. My experience has been that besides not working during the summer, there are slow times at the very beginning and end of the school year, before and after holidays and school testing dates. Plus, you have to consider the number of days you will only work 1/2 days. As a requested sub, I will take most 1/2 days for teachers that normally give me most of their work. Then of course, a teacher who normally requests you may need you at a time when you are already committed to another teaching job. This happens a lot for in-service days as the teachers often are going to the same meeting.

On the other hand, if you are not depending on your sub pay, and you enjoy subbing, it can be a nice income. If you think about it, you can have a flexible schedule, pick and choose the classes you will take and so on.


Pay in TX

I work in Grand Prairie,TX. I recently filed my income tax for last year, so I know I earned exactly $7770 in 2005. I get $60 a day for short term assignments and $70 for long term assignments. I am a single mom and I make ends met only because I live in an income adjusted rental. I am a good budgeter with what little income I have. Hope this helps you.


I am thinking about subbing in Yonkers, NY. I can't seem to find the salary schedule for new teachers. Can you tell me where I can find one? Also why is the pay for subs so low in Yonkers? The city pays $40.00 more. I was also informed that you could not work for more than 40 days throughout the year as a sub....