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Question about "Sparkle"


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I just rented Whitney Houston's last movie and loved it! The only thing we couldn't figure out is HOW did they live in a mansion?? I mean, that place was absolutely gorgeous! As far as I could see in the movie, Whitney who played the mother, worked in a dept store and the girls sure didn't make any money until they got famous!


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I haven't seen the movie, so I really can't answer your question. I came in here thinking it would be about the game "Sparkle" that I play for spelling!!! LOLLOL


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I didn't see the house as a mansion, it looked ordinary to me from what I recall. I can't remember if Whitney was divorced or widowed in the film. If either then I think her husband had helped pay for it and left it to her.


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Not sure

But i think they lived in a modest home, probably paid for from the money mom had from when she was in the business before the drugs and such that they briefly talked about her being into. The sister that was married seemed to live in a more lavish house which was paid for by the husband.