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question about using Smartboard throughout the day


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If you use your interactive whiteboard throughout the day, do you create one file for each day, or do you open multiple files?

For example, I want to use my Smartboard for morning sign-in, calendar, and lessons throughout the day. Does it make sense to make a file for each day and just have the lessons in it in order, or does it make more sense to open separate files for math, reading, etc.? I'm just trying to figure out the most streamlined way to do it. I don't want to spend time pulling up files while the class is waiting.


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files, files files

I have files for each area that I teach: Math-patterns; Math-adding; Math-adding w/regrouping; etc. That way you go to what you need and pull it up. I made files for each thing on the report card that I teach and then others such as birthdays etc. That way it will be easier for you to find what you need. When I've made a smartboard activity myself, I put my name on it so I can know which one it is otherwise, all the names sound the same and you have to look through many of them. Also in the morning I open what I'll be using and minimalize it. I've spent times looking through things that weren't what I wanted-wasted time with kids sitting there.


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Smartboards sound like a lot of work. I'm getting on this summer, supposedly, how much time, do you think, I'll need to get started for the beginning of the year?


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smartboard files

I also have files for each topic and unit I teach. Each morning I pull up my Start the Day document that has a slide for each day of the week. I change morning seatwork for the day and have it up when the kiddos come in in the morning. They just look at the board and follow the steps for the morning. Then I have attached to the day all of the lesson files I will be using for that day so they are all in one location. I just have to click and open when I am ready for that particular lesson. It takes about 5 minutes each morning to update my Start the Day and I am off and running. :)


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I don't really use files. I just name each document very specifically. It's saved in abc order so I can easily find it.

For my morning message I use the month & date so it's easy to get to August/___ .These become a template and I just change the message each day and the backgrounds monthly or holiday themed.

I may need to start some files as I do have quite a few things saved now. :o


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Files for me as well. I LOVE my Smartboard! The only lessons I will put all into one is a unit (i.e., short a, inferring unit, etc.). My reasoning has just been because of my fear of not getting to a lesson and that it makes the next day all crazy going back to the previous day's. I try to pull up each smartboard activity in the morning so they are listed on the bottom of my computer screen and then I can quickly click on them. Enjoy your board! :)


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I would do separate files! That way if you get off track in one subject your daily files won't be wrong for this year or even next. You may decide to teach something in a different order next year too. Mine are separate by subject and topic so I can find them quickly.


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I use files as well. If you are wanting a daily sign in you can link that file to your calendar and just touch the link then return to your calendar.


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I use files for each subject, that way if I don't get as far as I wanted I'm still good. Don't forget you can "group" the pages - so if you wanted to group them by the day of the week or by subject (if you do a file a day) then it makes it easy to get where you want to go. I plan on grouping them by the day I plan to use them, and then can adjust according to how the kids deal with the subject matter. I just realized that fun option this summer at a Smart conference, so just want to make sure you all know about it! :)


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Smartboard Files

I file by subject and then by unit. I like doing it that way so we can refer back to work we did earlier in the unit. So I have a file called "Investigations - Unit 1", "Investigations - Unit 2", "Inferring", "Mental Images", etc. My morning message is the first slide of my calendar file (which I do by months). I change the MM everyday by erasing and rewriting it. I tailor it to that specific day (what might be going on, the specials we have) so I couldn't use the same ones each year.


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Smart board

I use separate files too. That way I can find things by topic, because the order and dates that you teach things will change from year to year, but the topics will remain the same. It will be easier to see what you have available for planning also if they are saved by topic. I also like to open the files I will use before lunch in the morning, make sure they are up and ready to go and minimize them at the bottom. They take a moment to load, so it saves a bit of time and I can preview to make sure I have the right thing! Then at lunch I pull up my afternoon lessons.


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I do multiple files. The reason is that next year you may not be teaching the same things together in one day. If you do it by subject, then you just pull up the file you need for the day or week. That's what works best for me, anyway. I usually open all the files I need for the day in the morning, so then I can just switch easily right from the smartboard.


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I do files, as well. I make a flipchart (mine is a Promethean board) for each chapter in the Math book. I also make things for reading, writing, and language, trying to group as much as I can in one file. It makes it much easier to find from year to year. :)