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question about vitamins...


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O.K...my husband and I are fussing this morning, of all things, we are at a dilemma about...it's whether the words....take 3 tablets daily mean TAKE them all at once, or after EACH meal.

this happened, after I tried some vitamins this morning for the first time, that we had bought a couple months ago, and he has BEEN taking them, but didn't bother tell me how HE takes them. I took all 3 at once.

What do y'all think?

He said he doesn't THINK it would upset my stomach or anything, but my question is: Do YOU think 3 times daily means all at once, or spread out through the course of the day.

(there were no further instructions on the bottle on this..I checked.)



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Typically 3 times daily would mean three separate times spread throughout the day generally at mealtimes. My assumption is that this is the intent of the direction, but I agree it's a bit confusing. I have a different concern though for you. What brand are these vitamins? People need to be very careful with vitamins since they are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Without FDA regulations there is no telling what is in vitamins and certainly as you are well aware by now some of these products give minimal information. I would check on the internet for information on the type of vitamin you are taking to see if you can get some info on the amount and time you should take. Keep in mind that water soluble vitamins such as vitamin C are usually not a big deal if you take more than you need since the excess is excreted in your urine. However, fat soluble vitamins, like B vitamins, are stored in the body's fat and can reach toxic levels in your system if you are taking more than your body needs.


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I think that the company expects you to take them three separate times a day. Check with your pharmasist or family doctor.

Marie from pA


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I think 3 times a day means three separate times, especially with vitamins. For water soluble vitamins like C and the B complex, what you can't use immediately is not absorbed. So by taking them 3 times a day instead of in one big dose, you actually absorb more of the vitamins. Also, it is better to take them with a meal - it will also help with absorbtion. If there is iron in your vitamins, this will also keep you from getting an upset stomach with them.

Mrs. G

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3 times a day

I agree with the other posters. It means to take them at three separate times during the day. When in doubt, call the pharmacy. They can easily answer questions like this.:)