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Question about Webkinz and Leapster L-Max


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Hi all!
I am trying to brainstorm Christmas presents for my 4 year old daughter. She loves playing on the computer, is has a great start to reading. I would like to get her a Webkinz, but am curious how much they cost, if they are worth it, or if the keep children's interest. Also I am thinking about a Leapster L-Max for her...what games might you recommend if she can read and do math problems up to 10?



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I love both!

My children just turned 6 and got some webkinz for their birthday. They really like them, but need some assistance on the computer. In my opinion, 4 years old may be a bit young for Webkinz. As far as the leapster l-max goes, my two each have one and they love it. I think they got them for their 5th birthday, but would difinately be good for a 4 year old. I think most games would be appropriate even if she is reading some. My kids still like playing the games they first got and can definately read more now than when they got them. I say you can't go wrong.
Webkinz are much cheaper than the Leapster L-Max. They only run about 12.99, so you wouldn't be out much money if you bought it and found it a little to hard. My kids love the plush animals. they play with them as much as the computer game itself.


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I agree with PP. We have both- my 4yo just got her first webkinz (like her brothers have) and she definitely needs some help navigating around. My 5 1/2 yo needs some assistance as well. My 7yo helps them both ;) We also love the leapster, but it is definitely pricier. Webkinz run for anywhere from 10-14$ from what I have seen. The lilkinz are cheaper (and smaller). They have tons of webkinz stuff these days- I was really surprised to see it all in the store the other day!

Leapster has some great learning games my son loves it. It is the only "video game" I will let him play. ;) I think either one would be a good bet, as long as you are willing to play some webkinz with her (I personally love playing webkinz- lol- I make money for the kids to spend!). We have not bought any leapster games in a while though, so I am not sure what is out there as far as age-/level- appropriate.


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My Son Loves His L Max

Santa bought my son his L Max when he was 3 1/2. I know it's a little young but he LOVED the computer so much and saw Daddy playing his video games and he wanted his own.

My son loves his L Max!!!!!!!!!!!!! The games are amazingly fun, interactive, and educational. He doesn't even realize he is learning!! He is 5 now and is fluently counting up to 100 by 1's and 10's, is learning about place value up to 100, stretching out 3 and sometimes 4 letter words, is writing letters and numbers, and other pre readiness and readiness skills.

As a first grade teacher , I am truly impressed with how the games are set up.

As a mommy and a consumer, I would highly recommend it as well. It is durable and well worth the money. The games are a bit pricey but you can find sales at Walmart and Target.

I have to confess, I didn't want my son to know that it can be plugged into the TV so I didn't tell him. He just uses it hand held only. (He has a V Smile - which I would also recommend but not as hightly)

Oh... did I forget to mention that you can use the Leapster games as wellas the L Max games but the regular games don't work on the TV (from what I'm told) but he uses it handheld, so it doesn't matter.

My son loves (still) the letter and number factory games. He's a huge Cars fan so we have that as well. The Dora game is wonderful as well. They have something geered for K and 1st grade which I think Santa will get him this year. I also heard there is a new Diego game out as well that I might try out.

I bought the Princess Disney game for my daughter to try to get her involved but she didn't seem interested although she is not huge into tech stuff. She likes to draw, perform, and make up stories. (My son likes it though)

As for Webkinz, I tried to avoid that trend but my in laws introduced my kids to it. I have to confess, I havent been on the website but it just seems like a lot of work and maneovouring around for a stuffed animal. I would rather have the kids playing Nick Jr, Noggin, Playhouse Disney. I heard that "membership" is limited and expires (but for a price you can renew) although I don't know that for a fact.

My kids have the stuffed animals but I don't have them go on the website.


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Thank you so much!

I appreciate all of your advice! Christmas just seems harder this year with all of the toy recalls. I am trying to brainstorm different things than her regular Barbies and Princess stuff.

Thanks Again


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love them both

My daughter now 5 1/2 loves her leapster and I to did not tell her that it plugs into the tv. She plays it while i grocery shop or on long car rides.

We have many Webkinz and I it really taught her to read. It does take a little time in the beginning but she does everything her self. She has learned all of her 2,3, 4 digit numbers and actually seems to understand the concept of money better. Some of the games are just for fun but many are educational. There are a lot of memory games, card games, checkers, Linkd which is connect four.

You can't go wrong with either!!!


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Good to know about the Webkinz thing. Maybe I'll buy one this year and show them how to get on to try it out. I just assumed it was junky games. Had no idea it had some educational or strategic games like checkers and such. Thanks for the info.

Do you have any idea what you're getting your daughter yet? Have no idea what to get the twins!:eek: Mine are 5 1/2 also. It looks like slim pickings this year unless you want to spend a fortune.

Anyone have any ideas?! HELP!!!


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Ideas for small children:

dress-up bin
art kit
books (for girly-girls, check out Fancy Nancy...it's really cute!)
play dough and cookie cutters

I say go with the classics! Children under 6 don't really care how much you spend on them.

Last year I gave my niece a sleepover kit, with a pair of pajamas, a fleece throw, a Dora tooth brush and a book, all packed in a backpack. She brings it with her every time she sleeps over.


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That is a great idea

about the sleepover kit. Some other ideas I came up with...a marble track, science kits, board games...I am trying to take the focus off of "getting" this year and was happy when she wrote Santa and asked for 3 very simple things. Let's keep brainstorming, it is so helpful!