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Question for breastfeeding moms


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My little girl is almost 1 month old. I am BF exclusively. When she was born, I was told to make sure she fed 8-12 times a day, at least every 3 hours, even if I had to wake her up. Now, she eats for only 10-15 min at a time and goes about 4 hours between feedings. She seems to be alert, content, has lots of dirty and wet diapers, etc., so I think she is eating enough, but I am a bit concerned because she is not sticking with "the program". Is my concern unwarranted? Did anyone else have a baby that would only BF for such short periods of time? (DD is a very enthusiastic sucker, if that makes a difference). Can I continue to enjoy those long uninterrupted periods of sleep, or should I be waking my baby up more often? (when I do that, it is very difficult to get her interested in "the girls").


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Call your local La Leche League

for information and advice. If the baby is gaining weight, I think that is the main issue. There is no reason to waken a sleeping baby to make her eat! There is no set requirement for the number of times a newborn should eat. That depends on the mom and the child and what is working for them. My daughter wanted to nurse 24/7. My son nursed 6 times a day and was quite happy. Both were ten-pounders at birth who doubled their birthweight by whatever the benchmark is, five months maybe? Let baby lead. Just make sure she is gaining weight and looks and acts healthy.


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I agree with pp and say...be thankful!!! :o

Let the baby make the schedule at this point. I wouldn't wake her.


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don't wake the baby!

My baby group actually had a scale that you could weigh your infant before and after a feeding to see how many ounces they took in. I think my hospital offered this service as well. Babies don't know "programs." They just know what they want and when. Hope you're enjoying your time w/ your little one, I remember when you were anxiously awaiting her arrival.


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Let her feed on demand

I nursed my daughters for a total of 47 months (1st was 20, 2nd was 27). They nursed on demand, especially after they had the hang of it. I never woke them up to nurse after the first week or two - basically once my milk came in and was established.

One question - are you nursing on one side per feeding or both? I was initially told to use both on each feeding but my first DD was a lazy nurser and would get pissy if I moved her around during a feeding (ie: to switch sides.) Then through reading and LLL meetings, I discovered the differences in foremilk and hindmilk. I can elaborate if you want.

If she is gaining weight, having lots of dirty and wet diapers, and is alert and active (as much as any 1 month old is) then I'd say keep doing what you are doing!!

After all, if babies could truly be put on a "schedule" or "program" we'd have them sleeping through the night from day 1 right?!?! LOL

Best of luck!


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If she is content, having plenty of dirty/wet diapers, she sounds fine. My 2nd two were very short duration feeders, and would go for 4-6 hours between from almost the beginning. Unless you have a reason to be concerned (baby not acting satisfied, very few wet/dirty diapers, cranky baby, etc), it sounds like things are going just fine. Some babies feed for very short periods of time, some do not. I would stick to one side per feeding to make sure she has plenty of hindmilk, but she sounds like she is thriving!!

BTW, unless she had concerns with failure to thrive or some other medical concern, I am surprised anyway gave you a "program" to follow in the first place. Unless your baby is not thriving, there is no reason to wake up a baby to feed her, ime. Babies are really good at setting their own programs ;)

Congrats on having a quick feeder!


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Weight Check

If she is having enough dirty diapers and is content I would say she is probably fine.

Babies schedules begin to change as their bellies get big enough to hold more. My daughter would nurse every 3-4 hours on one side and be perfectly content. She was a small eater and dainty little one. She is still little.

DS on the other hand needed more and continued to want to nurse more even after the first few months.

You can always call your ped's office and ask to come in for a weight check just to be sure.

Congrats on the baby! <!--lovestruck-->


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Hi musicbean,
Congratulations on your new wee baby. The others have given you lots of good advice.
The only other thing I can add is to call your Health Unit. They are there to help answer any and all of your questions or point you in the direction of someone who can.
Do you have a drop in play room or Ontario Early Years Centre near you?


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I would definitely continue to enjoy your uninterrupted periods of sleep! :)

My pedi told me that DS only needed to be woken up until he regained back his birth weight. He regained it back within 5 days, so I never woke him up.

As long as she is content, has dirty and wet diapers, and is gaining weight, then she is just fine.

Babies become much more efficient at nursing with age. I remember DS would nurse for 30 minutes+. Now at 8 1/2 months he can nurse in less than 5 minutes.