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question for KY teachers


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Could you please tell me about the employment options in the area of Perryville/Danville. My husband and I are looking at a house in that area and I first wanted to know if it is easy to get a teaching job, how is the school system and any other important tidbits of info you might want to share. We may be moving from out of state. I dont know much about KY, so any help is appreciated.

Ima Teacher

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My husband is from Harrodsburg, which is close to both Perryville and Danville. (It's about 55 miles from where we live.) There are some REALLY good schools there. They have both Boyle County and Danville City schools. The town has a lot of cultural activities as well, which have a lot to do with the local college, Centre, which is a top notch school. They had a vice-presidential debate there last election. The city is growing in leaps and bounds. My college roommate lived in Danville for awhile, and she really liked it.

You can check out their schools on the state education web site. There are also job vacancies listed there. http://education.ky.gov

I'm through Danville at least once a month, and often more often. When my husband works in the area, we stay with his parents in Harrodsburg, and we generally end up in Danville to eat or shop.

If you're a country music fan or into celebrity watching, you're pretty likely to run into Eddie Montgomery (Montgomery Gentry) at Wal-Mart. Well, actually last time I saw him was a K-Mart.

Feel free to contact me if you've got any specific questions I might be able to help you out with!