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Question from a sub...


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To high school teachers: I'm just wondering if a sub leaves you a note about the day and tells you that, say, a third of your students chose not to do the assigned classwork, do you take any action? (You can see by the work turned in who has put effort into it.) If a student has had to be removed by security, do you take any action? I'm just curious about your response to a sub's note telling you how the day went. I'm sure you care how the day went, but does it have any bearing on anything when you are absent for the day? Just wondering....

Actually, any grade teacher please respond...do you respond to sub notes and negative/positive behavior listed?

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YES! My kids know very well that I take comments from other teachers about my class very seriously. If they misbehave for anyone else, there are consequences even more severe than if they misbehave for me. On the other side of the coin, a compliment from another teacher is worth a lot, and leads to consequences of the fun kind!
notes from sub

I take notes from my sub very seriously. Actually on our discipline referrals for the principal there is a section devoted to "misbehavior for a substitute". I definitely want to know how my kids behaved - good and bad.


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sub notes

i'm pretty clear in my plans for subs that i expect a note--i want names and details.

i love to "consequate" (i swear that should be a word!) behavior in my absence--good and bad!

if a kid misbehaves (doesn't do work, is disrespectful...) the day i return i give consequences (these depend on how often kid is bad, the extent of "crime", his/her history...)

i ask for phone numbers so i can clarify any questions i have about the day--and there have been a few times i called a sub (or found him/her in the building the next day) to ask questions---so i can be more informed.

my kids know that subs leave notes and that i expect good behavior, and that i will bring the consequences when i return. (this doesn't always matter.) but i do find that after a particularly bad "sub day"...and the consequences that follow, they are better behaved the next time i have a sub....so i guess the consequences are working to motivate them to NOT be naughty...

i know how hard it is to sub--i subbed 2 full years k-12 before getting a job--i usually put in at least 1/3 day preparing for a sub because i want actual lessons/learning to take place and i want there to be no question as to what to do.....it makes me mad when a sub doesn't leave me a decent note---don't tell me the class was "good" when everyone in my wing could HEAR them and saw that 2 kids were sent into the hall. this is when my consequences DON'T work because i reward the bad behavior.

(if a behavior warrants it....again, depends....i send home a parent notification that explains the behavior and parents sign and return.) in fact, i had 4 boys that i had to do this with the time before last when i was gone.....i was so disappointed in their continuing naughtiness throughout the day, i made them write letters to their parents explaining all they did (because i didn't think the little line where i squeezed in the offense would work--also, i wasn't there!) the next time i was gone (this time for 2 days in a row), i placed a note in my newsletter in monday folder that i would be gone (i always tell parents where i am on professional leave days--and usually add who i've helped or what i learned)....and asked parents to remind children about expectations and told that during my last absence there had been problems. i also told my class (and sub!) that students not behaving would be sent to a first grade classroom. sigh...i hate to threaten, but if it works... NO problems on those days!

also, what i love about the sub i am currently using (when i can get her!) is she USES my discipline plan! she knows that i punch Trackers if work is missing and that it's written in their Planners; she knows that if they are misbehaving that their Tracker is punched. (with my group, you only have to remind them "I've got the hole punch, and I'm ready to use it..." and they snap to!

regarding work: if a kid chooses to do a poor job (or no job at all) on work--i give them the grade they deserve/earned.

i hope that all answered your questions! i teach 6th, BTW.

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Oh yeah!

A friend of mine who has a seventh-grade room got a horrible sub note last week. Half a dozen kids got referrals, one kid got SUSPENDED, and the principal was called to restore order. This was not a bad sub, by the way. The class went berserk on her.

He's taken the sub's report and divided the class into three groups. The main troublemakers all have detention, and written apologies to write. They have no bathroom privileges for the rest of the month. Another group has had some other privileges revoked. The kids who did not get in trouble have all their usual rights. That class has been read the riot act.


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How often are you absent?

Unless you plan to never be absent again, you need to back up the sub's notes with your own consequences. I frequently subbed for my husband (high school math) when we had a newborn so he could have some baby time at home. That class knew of my "connections" with their teacher and were EXTREMELY attentive :) :)

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Sub Notes

I leave lotes regarding the behavior of the class during my presence in the class. But I've never gotten any feed back from the teachers in question if there was nay discipline meeted out to the offending members in their class.