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I got offered a job to work with kids with special needs in a summer camp. I have never worked with special education, and was wondering any advice you may have. I don't know whether or not I should take the job..I have another job guaranteed to work with (excuse the political incorrectness) "normal" kids at another camp with the same organization. I posted a message on the substitute teachers board also, explaining why I was iffy (i.e. Will I have enough patience?). I'm just really unsure about the whole thing. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks :)


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is a funny thing-

I have MORE patience with kids who I know in my heary can't "help" it than with kids who can "help" it and choose differently!

One nise thing is that there is usually a better counselor:camper ratio with special needs, and the craziness of a summer camp can sometimes be a bit calmer. It all depends on the type of special needs the camp services.

It may open your eyes and heart to a whole new opportunity in the future. And you know what? If you absolutely hate it, you can always give notice. Good Luck!


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Perhaps you could be more specific about what sort of special needs the kids would have - there is a huge range within the world of special needs programs.