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questionable behavior



I have a question for you. We think our princpial and one of the faculty members have a little thing going on. they are constantly alone behind closed doors after school hours, and even during the day at recess. They constantly talk about each other to the rest of us and are just acting like teenagers. The principal is married and has three kids, and the teacher is divorced. What should we do? do we just ignore it? The principal is new this year and is a total slacker. She sits in the office and reads the nespaper, and throws temper tamntrums when things don't go her way. The simplest things set her off and she is throwing things around like a crazy person, and totally not hiding the mood she is in from anyone she meets. She is very explosive when it comes to disciplining the children, and we are afraid to say antyhing since we are afraid it will affect how we are treated and/or affect our jobs. What should we do? Andy advice would be greatly appreciated. We are just so concerned about how this looks and don't want them to be headed down a dangerous path. Thanks!


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And I thought my principal was bad!

I would be careful with suppositions (i.e., you don't KNOW for sure what they're doing behind closed doors), but if you think she's acting unprofessionally in public, document what happens, when, etc., and send your documentation with a letter of explanation expressing the staff's concerns to your superintendent or whoever is above her. I would send it anonymously, but maybe you're braver than I am.



Dear Adrianna,

What about you and the other teachers writing a letter of concern to the school superintendent? Your principal is creating a very negative workplace atmosphere for the teachers and she is also creating a fearful environment for the children. I think the teachers should work together to resolve this problem. I hope everything works out!