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Questions to ask school district...



What are some good questions to ask districts that I'm applying to? I'm going to a job fair soon.


Junior Member

What is the student/teacher ratio?

Are teachers expected to teach a district curriculum? How much freedom are they given to design their own curriculum?

What tests are used in the district to measure teacher effectiveness?

What kind of supports are in place for new teachers? Will you be given a mentor? Will you have the opportunity to observe other teachers in the district?

What before & after school obligations will you be required to fulfill under your contract? (i.e. does the district make teachers go to study groups every Wednesday, staff meetings once a month, etc.)

What is the district's student population like?

How much parent support do the schools have? Active PTA or PTO's?
Has the district bought books for classroom libraries? What recent purchases have been made for classrooms? How many computers are in classrooms? Can they access the internet? What other technology resources are available?

What is special about the district? What initiatives has the district office been pursuing? Will there be any opportunities to go to teacher conferences?

I didn't ask all these when I was interviewing, but in retrospect, I think the answers to some of them may have given me a better understanding of the district I was joining. I was just happy to have a job! :) Good Luck!!!