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Quick advice--anyone use Orbitz?


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Have you booked vacations through Orbitz? Anything to consider, anything to worry about or be concerned about??


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I booked a flight to Atlanta through Orbitz in October. I liked the service with Orbitz....but when it came to checking in at the airport...it was a complete disaster. They never emailed me the confirmation numbers for my flights so I had to wait in the long lines to talk to the agent and get my tickets. Of course I didn't know this until I tried to use the self-check kiosks. I was very frustrated. Once I got to the agent, I gave them the piece of paper that Orbitz told me to give them and the agent looked at me like I was crazy. They had to look me up with my ID which took even longer. All in all, I would say go with a different company to book a flight. If you can, book it directly with the airline you want to use. I will definitely be doing that the next time I fly anywhere :)


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I use Orbitz all of the time and I never had a problem with them. I usually use them for flights only.


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Don't feel bad

Don't worry about the check in.....I remember having the AAA travel agent tell us we were all set for our flight/trip to Disney and when we got to the airport there were questions. And that was a travel agent setting up!

Also, I couldn't travel to the Bahamas one time because the travel agent(not AAA) told me my birth certificate was aok......and I got to the airport and USAir wouldn't accept it! That was WAY not cool! I had to spend the rest of the day getting a "state issued" one.....instead of the one I have always used!

So problems can arise....no matter how hard you try to avoid them.


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Uh oh...

This isn't turning out the way we were expecting...

We need to book our "Magical Express" free transportation to the hotel and then back to the airport. Disney sends us to Orbitz, no one at Orbitz speaks enough English to understand what we want to do...they just keep trying to get us a rental car!

Plus, Disney has no record of our reservation...says they don't get it until 5 days before, buuut transportation has to be booked 30 days in advance! :(