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Quieter room


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My biggest trouble maker is out of the room today. I have had no tattling or fussing among any of the kids. Wow. Isn't it amazing how one little body can cause so much trouble. Anyone notice this trend also?


Same here

My worst-behaved student is also absent today. The difference is amazing. Yesterday was absolutely terrible, and there is just no comparison between it and today. He gets my entire class worked up. I know it's probably mean to say, but I don't miss him a bit! ;)


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Ohhhhh Yeahhhh

I have a really great class with no "serious" behavior issues but i have one kid who has the loudest voice. He's a good student -- sometimes a silly and hyper - but his voice travels "EVERYWHERE" - when he is absent the class seems so quiet. What a difference one voice can make.


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Mine was out sick last Friday. I sure got a lot more accomplished when he was out. I CONSTANTLY have to keep an eye on him. (he steals, lies, hits, kicks, yells out etc. if I don't) I got to help more students and felt really good. But then I thought, gee my poor class could even do better if this were the case everyday. One student is taking away learning from all the others. Too bad this is allowed. Its been going on now for 3 yrs. with this one. He even got kicked out of his after school program and other sports too. The parents are in big denial. I'm making some big improvements with him but he leaves me nearly exhausted some days. At least the class and I had one great day. Have you ever noticed that these are the kids who are almost never absent too?


what a day!

I was just saying the same thing to my teammates! My worst behaved student was absent on Monday---what a way to start the week! I loved my job that day. People even told me I looked real happy that day. I know it sounds horrible, but he just puts such a strain on my patience. I have to put so much energy into making sure he is doing his work, or the right thing, not calling people names, not being sneaky---he just wears me out! I am starting to feel like his babysitter instead of educator.


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Kaylen--you read my mind!

I have a "problem" child that actually has minor behavior problems than my students from last year. However, he was there at the beginning of hte year, but missed over 20 day so of school (out of 45!). He then moved, and now is back.

He is just so draining! He's been back for a week, and everyone has noticed the difference. Everyone is asking if I'm feeling alright and what's wrong. It's ONE student! Of course, in the 5 days that he's been back, he's missed two days, and it was an INCREDIBLE difference!