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I'm thinking about focusing on quilts and am looking for ideas. I'm thinking about reading some of the wonderful quilt stories which talk about quilts being handed down, being brought on journeys, etc. (would like more titles). I'm also thinking about bringing in a quilt my grandmother made for me and then seeing if other families wanted to bring in quilts to share and tell the story about who made them, etc. Make quilt designs with squares and triangles, then possibly have them do some sewing--either a class quilt or maybe individual small quilts or pillows. Any other thoughts?

Mrs. T.

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Quilts to make

I used to make a monthly quilt with my classroom. It usually consisted of a handprint (spiders, turkeys, santa claus, etc.) picture. These are found at the hubbardscupboard link below. And the opposite square would be a pattern that the students would have to follow by listening to directions. Below is a website where some monthly quilts can be found. Just scroll down to the months, and you will see where the quilts are. I used to use bulletin board paper and glue or tape the squares on.




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The Patchwork Path: A Quilt Map to Freedom

by Bettye Stroud is a great story about a girl and her father who escape slavery with help from the coded symbols on a quilt. I used it last year in 2nd grade when I did my unit on Black History. We used construction paper to replicate the quilt patterns used in the story and made a display for our door.