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Quitting a job while under contract...


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I worked in a district for 3 weeks before realizing that I could not handle the stress emotionally, mentally, and physically. I gave them my letter of resignation for 60 days notice, and then shortly after I started experiencing anxiety attacks. I do have medical documentation for this and will receive a note from my medical doctor taking me out of school for the duration of my contract.

What I want to know, is can the school district hold me to the 60 day agreement, and make me come in to work? I do not have a union rep to call because I did not join one, since I wasn't there long enough. Thanks in advance for your help.


job stress

Hi, I hear you about job stress. I am sorry to hear about your panic attacks. I have them also, I think I have mine under control. I started having them when I was student teaching in 2002. I am now a K-5 resource teacher, some days are very trying. I wish you the best of luck. I don't think you have to be in the union for representation. We had a case at our school where the union helped a teacher out just to help hold the postition. I would check with your local union. Best of luck.