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Racing Theme (Pit Crew)

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I'm doing a racing theme this year in my classroom and I would love to come up with jobs that have Racing Themes... I have a really small class... 8-10 students (Small Christian School)

Pace Race Driver- Could be the Line Leader
Crew Chief- Teacher Assistant (Taking things to the office etc.)
Tire Control- Pencils
Gasoline Technician- Lunch Monitor

Anywho thats as far as I have gotten any help would be great!


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jobs and racing titles

1) fire safety crew--they could carry out equipment for fire, earthquake, etc. . . drills

2)pole position-- these are the front runners (role models) in the class that have worked/ scored high enough on tests, AR points etc. . . to secure themselves an extra rewards, recess, authors chair etc

3) Don't forget. . .spectators--their job is to observe, listen and cheer on the rest of the team!!!!

1) inaugural event-- Open House
2) All-Star Starting Line Up-- class list
3) All time stats--Data Wall or title of Data Folder
Hope these help


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Start Your Engines

The race car theme was one of my favorite themes. Here is a throw back post:
Some of my jobs were: Spotters(monitors), Pit Crew(Clean-up), Pace Car(line-leader), Tailgate (end of the line), and other jobs that I can't remember right now. Everybody had a job. One year my "Garage" was where students would go to "repair" their behavior. Other years it was a Pit Stop to tune up their behavior. Students carried their CAR (Communication And Responsibility) notebooks home each day. It contained homework, calendar, lunch menu, a zippered bag for money, and an agenda. You can Google Frog or Bear Notebook to get other ideas for the notebook. My AR board was a race track. Beth Newingham gave me some great ideas. http://hill.troy.k12.mi.us/staff/bne...acingtheme.htm. I ordered a race driver cut-out from Oriental Trading to take of the students, for the job board and Driver of the Week Board.

Like you, I did not want Cars -the movie theme. Those were the good ol' days. It was easier for me to make so many connections with our curriculum when I had a race car theme. I've had a Hollywood theme for the past 2 years, with the hopes of using my flip to make movies, but it never happened. I might go back to my race car theme.

I hope this is helpful. Have fun!