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Ramps and Pathways Science Unit


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Does anyone use the Ramps and Pathways Science unit? Our school wants to purchase blocks, marbles, balls, and pathways for each of the kinder rooms which is great! But I was wondering if there was any other materials out there that someone would be willing to share so we don't have to reinvent the wheel.


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I used this for our science fair topic last year and the kids loved it! I purchased a kit that went with the book for I think it was $85 which had all the ramps and balls you need and it was a lot easier than trying to find things myself. I had a small class last year so one was enough. The children created a report drawing and writing about the experiments to display at the science fair. It was great! This year we are doing a social studies fair, so I think I might incorporate the materials in to my block station.


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To hockey6882

I'm wondering if you could give more information about the book and the kit. What is the title and where did you get it and the kit?