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Randy Sprick


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My student teacher was asking me if I knew about Randy Sprick's classroom management program. I've never heard of it. Can anyone explain it? Should I buy his book? I work hard to keep current and this is one guy I know nothing about!

Ima Teacher

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I love, love, LOVE Randy Sprick!!! I have used his CHAMPs classroom management plan for at least 5 years. I'd highly recommend the book, adn the conferences are even better.

I have several items that I often share with people who are in search of a new program. I'd be happy to share with you if you'd like to send me a PM with your email address. I've got an email saved on my mail program with an overview of the program and 8-10 Word document samples of the plan's parts.

With the holidays coming up, it might take me a few days to get them to you, however.


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share more...

I have never heard of this before.
Please share more information or can I just google it?

Ima Teacher

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CHAMPs stands for . . .

C--conversation (voice level for the activity)
H--help (what you do if you need help)
A--activity (what you may be doing during that time)
M--movement (where you can move and for what reasons)
P--participation (how I'll know that you're doing what you should be doing)

For instance, here's mine for free reading time.

C--level 0 (no talking--voice level chart is on the wall)
H--come to teacher's desk individually
A--reading from appropriate reading materials
M--bookshelf, library, computer, teacher's desk
P--reading, taking tests, or checking out books


student teacher

I actually worked as a paraEducator in a school that was implementing a SPRICK program. It seemed quite effective, (and maybe would have been more so if that had thought to explain the program to classified employees - for consistency among the adults in the school community).

Would you be willing to send the description etc to me? I'll be student teaching this fall.





Instructional Coach

I am an instructional coach here in Mexico in an international school. I am very intereseted in the enthusiastic response you gave to Randy Sprick's work in Classromm Management. I've been reading up on his work this week, and already know that his approach is what wwe want to move toward in our school.
I know you are busy, but is it possible for you to send me some of your plans you mentioned to share with my teachers? I work with a primary and a secondary school, so any grade level would be helpful.

Thanks so much!

Ima Teacher

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Just so everyone is clear on this, I do not pull email addresses out of posts and send information. I will send information ONLY to those who PM me.