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re: Yard duty



re: Yard duty

I get stuck with yard duty a lot..but its fine. I haven't asked anyone this question yet, but guess I should. So I will ask here, When students come up to you during recess and complain that another student has pushed them, said a bad word, or etc.. if Yard Duty doesn't witness it, what are you expected to do? Do teachers doing yard duty, talk to every single student being complained about? If you don't witness it, the other student just comes up with a bunch of excuses for the behavior. Just wondering...



I just assign both 5 minutes of time-out unless they can work it out without involving me.



I also assign time out, usually 5 minutes. I have also been known to ignore minor things, or just redirect the kids to something else. The kids need their recess. Some kids will shut down for the rest of the day if they lose that recess. Besides, if I didn't see it, the kid that is tattling may not have their facts straight and I don't want to punish wrongly. Of course, that's not to say my eye won't be on that child for the rest of recess .

Once a 5th grade child came to her teacher and complained that the girls wouldn't let her play. The teacher told her she wasn't a baby and needed to learn to solve her problems. Another time, a child was tattling on every little thing and her teacher told her to only tell her the big things.



When I take a class out for recess, I usually tell them ahead of time that I will not listen to any tattling of any kind. I will give time-outs if needed, but I usually try to get the kids to work it out in my presence first. I agree that they desparately need their recess.

I have heard other teachers tell the kids that they don't want to hear about anything unless someone is bleeding. I frequently tell a tattle-tailer that they are only allowed to tell me about something if it is about them and no one else. That tends to stop a lot if it. Of course I watch and you have to be able to recognize when a situation requires teacher involvement for real. But I don't address each and every issue or else that is all I would do all day long!


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Tell me about hurts ...

I tell my kids to tell me when they are trying to keep someone safe. I say, "I only want to know if someone is hurting you, someone else, or themselves." I also tell them that if they tell me something ONLY to get someone else in trouble, they will receive the same punishment. For example, if Susie tells me that Billy didn't get his agenda book signed like he was supposed to, then Billy will get a reminder slip for not being prepared for class, and Susie will get a reminder slip for not treating others with respect. Before a child tattles, I usually always ask him/her to stop and think if someone is getting hurt ... they catch on quick.