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Read Across America



Just looking for some ideas for Read Across America day on March 2. What do you do in your classrooms or schoolwide?


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Reading Camp

I host a Read-A-Latte day. Kids bring sleeping bags or blankets and pillows. We push all the desks aside and get comfortable. The students have a reading marathon while enjoying some hot chocolate and S'mores that I make in the microwave.


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reading is fun

We also push the desk back, pillow, blanket, wear sweats and students bring a bottle of water with a push lid, a sack or treats, NO CANDY ---pretzels, popcorn, cereal, veggies, trail snacks and etc. We have a mystery reader come read a short book, principal, or secretary or a parent. Teacher reads a couple different times from our read aloud chapter book, (Charlottes Web is a favorite) The Trumpet Swan is also good. Oh the list just goes on and on. We have a large basket of book marks in our reading center. Some we buy, some we copy on colored paper with a reading clip art and laminate and a pad of sticky notes. Buddy reading, whisper phones


Our school has a week long event to celebrate Dr.Suess' birthday and Read Across America. We have community members come in and read to the classes, we have a family reading nite, where children and parents come and share a favorite book (2-3mins minimun) and then we have a book raffle and snacks... it is well attended and it is a lot of fun. Last year to kick it off we had our 5th graders do little skits, or make posters from their favorite books and presented to the school,it was very FUN.... Hope the ideas help..


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These ideas are great! Keep them coming!!!

(Sorry I don't have anything to contribute to this one)