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Read Across America



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Petunia in Kansas

Mystery Readers --principal, parent, janitor that cleans your room and etc......
Wear sweats
wear only socks in the classroom for the day
Teacher read from daily chapter book. Charlottes Web is a favorite. Trumpet of the Swan is really good also. Oh, my there are so many good books.
Have a large basket of bookmarks. Buy some, a pad of sticky notes, and make some --use clip art and a saying (example Reading is Fun)
Whisper Phones 2 pieces of plastic PC pipe and a very short straight piece to connect Looks like a telephone receiver. Whisper read in one end and you can hear yourself with the end that is at your ear. After using take them home was wash them in the dish washer.
Make green eggs and ham in an electric skillet after reading Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.
Make Oobleck---recipe 1 cup cornstarch and 1/2 cup green water. Make green water by adding green food coloring to the water. Remember Oobleck moves like liquid and should be solid to the touch.


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Get the hats!

Mrs. B, if you belong to PSEA/NEA, Saturday is again giving away the huge cat/hat posters that make the Cat in the Hat hat. Starting on Wednesda you can pick them up at Saturn dealers around the city starting on Wednesday--30 per teacher with your card!

We had them last year, and they are too cute!! They are about 2 feet tall and the kids LOVED them!


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Sorry about all of the misspellings and wrong words in the first post--home sick today, and that post showed it!!! :rolleyes: