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Read Alouds



I get tired of reading the same read alouds every year. I do have favorites, but would love to expand...
What are your favorites?


four star chapter book

My third graders LOVE "The BFG" by Roald Dahl! It makes a great read aloud because the big friendly giant in the story has such an interesting vocabulary. After I finish reading it, they all want to buy it from the book order to reread at home. The other book they love is "No Flying in the House". I believe the author is Betty Brock? Both books are full of fun-loving magic and really happy endings.


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word jar

I like reading "Donavan's Word Jar" to my class. It's not necessarily the most riveting story (it's good, but not action packed), but it lends itself to an activity that encourages the kids to think about noticing and collecting words. It's about a boy who collects words in a jar and I put out a big glass jar that the kids can put words in. It ties in well with our writing lessons that focus on interesting word choice. As a treat or during some down time I'll pull a few words and read them to the class. They really do get into it. We also use them in writing. I'll pass a word from the jar out to each child and they have to incorporate it into that day's writing. Or sometimes we use it for dictionary/vocabulary skills. Each child gets a word and looks it up in the dictionary and writes its definition.


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read alouds

my 3rd graders love BFG, George's Marvelous Medicine and the Wayside School stories. They all order from the book orders once they hear these stories



I have a great website bookmarked but I'm not using my home computer and I don't know the address right off hand. But some of my favorites are:

1. Cricket in Times Square
2. There's a Boy in the Girls Bathroom
3. Any "Soup" stories
4. Any Beverly Cleary books
5. Sideways Stories from Wayside School
6. "Amber Brown" books
7. Bunnicula
8. Pippi Longstocking
9. Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Happy Reading!


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I posted about the Roald Dahl books in another post. I LOVE the BFG.

My students also enjoy Freckle Juice (i bring grape KoolAid one day so we can drink our own Freckle Juice) and they also LOVE There'e a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom.