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Reader's Theater Scripts


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Here are four reader's theater scripts. They include:
Tacky the Penguin (Helen Lester)
Penguin Pete (Marcus Pfister)
Moe the Dog in Tropical Paradise (Diane Stanley)
Mrs. Toggle's Zipper (Robin Pulver)

All of them have a winter theme, so this is the time of year to make use of them. Have fun!!! <!--snowman-->
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Need to ask....

Hi, first, THANK YOU so much for providing us all with these scripts- they are excellent!

Now I'll be dumb for the experts here... I have not used many scripts.... I am about to take over a Grade 3 class. <!--eyebrow-->

HOW do you teach reader's theatre? I don't want to buy a self-help book :( but HOW do you go about it?

* What do you do to introduce it?
* Do you have to have the actual book to study first?
* How many kids each have a script or do they share?
* What other activities do you do to go with it- anything :confused: - is it a bit like a theme?

~~ What is your daily how-to please? ~~

If I just don't get an answer, I'll have to make a new post about this...

Thanks again! <!--snowman-->


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using rt's

Some things i do with reader's theater:
go over parts of a script (dialogue, directions...)
have students highlight their parts
practice reading independently first to decode words
discuss comprehension, visualize (draw picture, create a poster...)
practice in small groups daily for several days (about 20 minutes):
work on decoding first, then add expression and pacing
reader's theater is fun and a great way to work on fluency