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Reader's workshop vs. Daily 5?

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This is my first year to HAVE to implement reader's workshop in my 4th grade class. What is the difference between reader's workshop and Daily 5?? Any help on example lessons or powerpoints is MUCH needed!!!

Thank you


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Reader's Workshop and Daily 5 are similar, but very different. This is how I understand it (I do Workshop and then Diller's Literacy Stations later in the day).

Readers Workshop:
10-12 minute mini-lesson
20-30 minutes independent reading & teacher confers around the room
10-15 minutes partner reading
5-8 minutes share

The Daily 5 mixes in word work, listening and other mini-lessons to add up to 5 lessons & work sessions (some do fewer due to time constraints). Students have choices or the teacher may do a rotation schedule.

I prefer the workshop model because I want them to be reading every day, focusing on a specific mini-lesson. I do listening, word work and other skills during literacy station time. I've also seen teacher do a hybrid of both programs. We are mandated to follow the workshop format as it is written by our ISD.


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When I saw The Sisters this summer they said that "The Daily 5 is just a bunch of mini reader's workshops"

A typical D5 routine might look like this:
*Mini Lesson
* Round 1 (20 min or so)
* Mini Lesson 2
* Round 2 (20 min or so)
*Mini Lesson 3
* Round 3 (20 min or so)

Students are usually required to do Read to Self and Work on Writing each day. The third round is their choice of what to do.


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OK. What are your mini lessons everyday? Do you have examples I could see? Are there an sheets you have them do for work to turn in? How do the students receive a grade for Reading when they are just reading??



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Rdg. group grades

I do a blend of Daily 5 and Readers workshop. When I do conferencing w/my students, I will do a fluency and comprehension check so make sure they know how to conference w/their partners. I might take a grade one time a month on a check for understanding or fluency check. I do not count many points for this, but they do add up. I also give a grade b/c we use Scholastic Read About program which is similar to Accerated REader where the students take a quiz over the book they read silently or with a partner. When the kids do small group work, again, I will record maybe one or two grades a week on a skill lesson.


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daily 5 vs reader's workshop

Thank you for the explanation. This makes so much sense now! We are doing Daily 5 in our district and the brillant teachers in the upper elementary are making it work. However, I like the Reader's Workshop model for them so students have that time to read.