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Reading Block + Autism/Moderate MI


Mrs. P

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to teach a 90 minute reading block to students who are autistic and (low functioning) moderately mentally impaired?
Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

Mrs. W

Reading block.

Hi, In reply I think 90 minutes is a long time. Im my room I teach 8 children aged between 5 and 8 years who have moderate intellectual disabilties.

Each term we have a theme for our big books and base our activities around this. I use the big book as modelled reading and discuss the story with the students after. The books selectd are repetitive so by the second day the students are usually joining in. After reading we constuct a sentence as a group about the story, or children select thier favourite part and copy into their story writing books.

We then sing a poem or a finger play song related to theme back on the floor. Children are divided into 3 reading groups, 1 group works on a phonics program on the computer. 1 group does sentence sequencing or similar activities while one group reads to me, then they alternate around.
Students also play sight words games matching the words and playing memory, while another group writes their words on the board. one group practices tracing thier name on laminated sheets.
Enchanted learning is a great site to download some early reader books also based on specific themes.
Good Luck I hope this may have been some help.


New Member
Edmark Reading

If your kids can not decode using traditional means, try a sight word approach with this program. I have had tremendous success with students who just could not get phonics. The words are introduced one at a time and reinforced throughout. There is also a computerized program that I use to reinforced taught words. The program also offers seatwork, stories, spelling, bingo, and homework components. Additional activities can be teacher made using learned sight words. Look online at the proed.com site for prices.