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Reading Celebration


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Our school is having a reading celebration for "Read Across America" day. Each teacher is to dress as a storybook character and decorate their classroom door as a bookcover. Does anyone have any creative ideas as to who (& how) to dress as and what book to decorate my door as?

We are also having a celebration that evening in which each grade level is planning an activity pertaining to that grade's Social Studies SOL in keeping with the theme "Where in the World ...." I teach first grade and the SOL that relates to this would be our state (VA--locating on a map, symbols of VA...) I want this activity to be something that will be fun for the kids rather than jsut making a symbols book. Can anyone offer me any suggestions forthis as well?

I really appreciate any ideas! Thanks so much for your time:)!


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First graders love I spy books. Could you make up some pages with lots of different pictures and such and then give them clues to find the symbols of your state. Example, if your state insect is a ladybug, you could hide five ladybugs on the page and have them find them. Then the activity is fun but they have to know the symbol to be able to look for it.

As for character dress up - There are so many, You could wear all red and wear felt ears and paint your nose black and be clifford. You could dress as MS. Frizzle - a red wig and a teachery dress. You could be Junie B. Jones and dress as a little girl. Make it easy but something your little ones can relate to. Then decorate the door as the cover of the book in which your character belongs.

Hope these help!!:cool:


You could dress up in a red sweatsuit and make a wig out of blue yarn. On the front cut out a white circle from felt and write THING 1 or ThING 2 from Dr Seuss. I have seen this outfit before and it is very cute especially if you have a co-worker or aide to dress up as the other.