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Reading Comprehension Assessment


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I’m am field-testing a new reading comprehension assessment tool for Grade 5 students. It is very interesting. The company that is doing the research is looking for more 5th Grade classes in the US. Administration of the tests can be done by any teacher of 5th grade students. It usually takes two ~40-minute sessions and just needs to be completed before December 9. For participating in the field-test, the teachers and/or schools (depending upon whether participants prefer individual or combined awards) choose from a list of awards. The award is based on the number of students who participate in the field test. The awards range from

§ a Labelmaker (for 20 students) to

§ a Deskjet Printer (for 70 students ) or

§ an Overhead Projector (for 100 students ) or

§ a Copier or Printer/Fax/ Copier/Scanner (for 130 students), to

§ a Digital Camera or a 20" Stereo TV/VCR (for 200 students ).

to find out more go to http://www.educationresearch.com
All of the test materials, test directions, and answer sheets will be produced and shipped to your school. Convenient, pre-paid shipping labels will be provided to make returning tests easy and at no cost to your school.